Voice from Tomorrow.

Given how fascinating and wide is the thing Cynthia addresses, and that I find it much interesting, I’ve decided to conduct an interview with her - which could both widen the matter even further and allow to take a much closer look on several points. Besides, I much like to feel a real individual person behind the scenes, so I wanted to include Cynthia’s more personal side, also.

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Quantum Daily - Well-Done Manual on Quantum Application into Everyday Life.

Could everything actually may be of a quantum nature (not only on the subatomic level)? What a worldview therefore may emerge out of this new way of viewing both the world around You and You Yourself? Filed in: /2/ | /6/ | /26/ | /3/

LibreOffice - Did You Know, That...?

Aside from posts dedicated to particular LibreOffice-related topics, I decided to provide a single special place reserved for more general curiosities, regarding both the suite’s apps and LibreOffice as a whole. As usual, it won’t be a complete set of tips & tricks - it will just reflect my personal experience and needs, unveiling and expanding themselves alongside my own LibreOffice adventure.

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My Favorite Chrome Extensions.

Convenient web-browsing, an incredible RSS reader and other useful extensions which You also might enjoy :) ! Filed in: /37/ | /6/ | /37/ | /60/

Five Essential and Powerful Habits I Find Crucial.

  1. Habitual Backup at Every Change I Would Miss.
  2. Give It a Chance Regardless of Likelihood or Mood.
  3. Underestimated Power of Small Systematic Steps.
  4. Patience May Turn Out Invaluable.
  5. A Few-Moments Action Always Taken Right Off The Bat.
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How to Exchange Files Between Android and PC Wirelessly.

If You have access to a WiFi network and would like to exchange files between a mobile device and a computer or a laptop in an quick and easy way, here is how You could do that without a need to hassle with an USB cable.

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Visionaries Re-Defined Web-Hosting for People.

If You’re looking for a good web-hosting, consider this little “case-study” of pretty interesting discovery I’ve found recently.

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Hand by Hand into the Reality Shifts.

It’s about time to embrace a widened outlook on reality and begin a conscious journey through multiverse, uplifting Your life (and Yourself) to another level.

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Make a To-Do List Your Creativity-Hub.

I’d like to present You with the idea of harnessing a simple to-do list concept in a way which You may find surprisingly helpful, making several things much easier, fluent and seamless. Let’s take a little survey throughout all of this fantastic topic :) .

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Life Can Be Much Easier Thanks to This Windows tool.

Most likely You’ll appreciate this especially in the long run, when You can really feel how much time and hassle it saves.

Here are a few examples of how You could benefit from AutoHotkey:

Quick survey on what's coming:

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My Top 10 Creative Life Hacks.

I find the matter of optimizing Your work habits crucial and definitely worth attention. It may significantly impact both Your work’s quality and quantity, distinctly affecting the amount of time and effort necessary to achieve various tasks. Whatever You do, it may become more fluent, so - in the long run - it may improve Your whole life (the better You feel while working - the more content You may feel on a daily basis).

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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts.

Can You write without looking at the keyboard? It’s just the beginning of what You could do to improve Your everyday workflow. Meet keyboard shortcuts and be surprised how much of a difference they may do! :)

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Interview with Richard Stallman.

An interview with Richard Stallman, which I had been honored to conduct in the second half of 2016. At some point, being fascinated by his message, I wanted to learn more about him: not only about a geek or a hacker - but about a person. Uncover a handful of curiosities about his taste - or his view on several matters which have especially interested me.

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Software and Apps: Forgotten Optimization?

Have You ever been thinking on what Your computer is really capable of? Do You care? If so, this small insight may lead You to take a different, exciting path with the quality You’ve never expected before.

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Convey Truth.

“Since I am imperfect, I am not always right. But I will continue to do the best I can to find and convey truth to you.”

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Brave New Theme.

My fresh new theme for Brave/Chrome/etc. Chromium-based browsers - alongside with how to install it. Filed in: /8/ | /6/ | /4/

Pidgin Error: Queue Underflow #3.

Much easier way to fix the issue with Pidgin & Facebook.

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Pidgin Error: Queue Underflow #2.

Another stubborn occurrence of Pidgin recent issue ;) . Filed in: /4/ | /3/ | /60/ | /37/

Podcast Generator Not Accepting Your Password Anymore.

Although I remain a happy Podcast Generator user, once I’ve experienced a very strange behavior: it has not accepted my password, although I’ve been 100% sure that it is correct and that I’ve typed it the right way.

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Pidgin Error: Queue Underflow.

I’ve stumbled upon an odd error regarding Pidgin messenger (under Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium): it has been defined as “queue underflow”. Regardless of researching this issue I haven’t found what does it mean, although fortunately I’ve managed to successfully fix it. What has worked for me in this case was the following...

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Voice from Tomorrow.

Given how fascinating and wide is the thing Cynthia addresses, and that I find it much interesting, I’ve decided to conduct an interview with her - which could both widen the matter even further and allow to take a much closer look on several points. Besides, I much like to feel a real individual person behind the scenes, so I wanted to include Cynthia’s more personal side, also.

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More Sensations During VELO.

(...) I’ve realized of some **new sensations** (some of them I am almost sure that are indeed new, and some I have the impression that have already been present before): shivers, ‘wind blowing’, a specific pleasant ‘physical’ feeling. another one (also pleasant) resembling swaying or swinging, and the feeling of fast heartbeat and increased warmth of the body.

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My Second VELO.

I’ve managed to successfully perform the practice during the second or third attempt.

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My First VELO.

My first attempt of the “VELO” (Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation) practice.

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An Interview on “the Secret in Practice” Initiative.

In March 2013 I’ve been asked on giving “an expert interview” on both The Secret and “The Secret in Practice”, for the sake of BA thesis within one of Warsaw universities.

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Quantum Android Mouse ;) .

What’s on my mind - August 2020 update. Quantum theme growing and expanding within my consciousness; upgrade to Android 10; new very exciting friendly mouse :) ! Filed in: /1/ | /1/ | /53/ | /9/

Me Truly Happy.

Last night I performed a small meditation, nothing special - but enough to count. At some point during the following morning I decided to do it again, probably due to that I couldn’t sleep. This time it has been very surprising.

I suppose that most of the time I’ve been between alive-and-aware and dreaming state, coming and going back and forth. At some point I decided to try to roll out of my body - although now it isn’t clear why actually I’ve decided to do that. Perhaps it was a spontaneous initiative, but to be honest, I’m not sure. It seems that I spontaneously reminded myself of this idea and felt excited that I could try it out.

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How to Quickly Restart a Windows App?

Over the time of using Windows You might encounter apps which sometimes stop reacting to anything - or even worse: they stop reacting pretty often. There are many things which may be the source of the issue - but You might rather prefer to simply use the app instead of carefully investigate what causes the problem.

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Privacy of Your Web-Browsing.

You might not know that every time You visit a website, the information what website You’re visiting is relatively easily available for 3rd parties (...).

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