Monday January 14, 2019

Not so long after finishing my experiment with meditating daily I realized that spontaneous irregular sessions do not work well in my case. It is challenging to meet even habitual activities - let alone anything “in between”. I was concerned with pretty rare occurrences of meditation - because of the important benefits one can get out of this activity, given it is often practiced. On the other hand, however, I’ve learned that forcing myself to fulfill the habit (i.e., to meditate on a daily basis) results in low genuineness of the outcome (the quality of sessions). So the big question turned out to be

how to reconcile the quality with efficiency?

My first hope was to take “a blogging approach” by labelling and sharing each undertaken session via Meditation Assistant Android app - but it didn’t turn out to be enough of a help. Now I still don’t know what such a thing could be - but today I was inspired by Cynthia Sue Larson (Whom blog archive I’m currently studying):

“Meditation is actually the most important thing you can do.”
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“(...) people increasingly experience more reality shifts, thanks to more people meditating and following spiritual paths than ever before (...).”
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Once I’ve read those words, I felt excited again - it brought back the feeling of satisfaction and contentment with the awareness that each time I meditate, I do something good for my being, for myself, both spiritually and physically. It has always been exciting when I felt that even a couple minutes of meditating do matter.

So, feeling that excitement again, I’ve decided to meditate as soon as possible :) . It resulted in 28-minute session with an interesting message of wisdom received:

“A meaningful, successful life is one You lead being Yourself. It’s Your torch - let it glow and unveil what’s the best of You, all around.”

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