Sunday May 29, 2016

Perfumes of the Nature.

A few days ago I was on a little evening hike. Soon I realized that for most of my way I notice a very pleasant scent. It was surprising because I went far enough to stop notice the same smell - but I didn’t. I was impressed by its almost constant presence.

Soon my Sweetheart told me that the source of that aromatic scent could be the acacia. We checked that and... confirmed. Beautifully looking, white acacia flowers, wonderfully fragrant. “Perfume of the Nature”, in other words.

Surprising gifts.

Recently I’ve mentioned I didn’t feel well (i.a., in terms of eating). Sometimes some small isles of betterment happen. There are rare, but there are our sources of happiness and feeling better (and also nice surprises). Yesterday one of those isles took place: the Universe delivered some help for us, via benevolent gesture of some person. It was totally surprising... For a moment I felt amazed.

Thereby we could eat a little more... and even in a warm form. Several things which made us happy... For me it was difficult (as usually), but in the same time it did make me happy. It was unique experience to eat fries, for example, which I had long time ago...

In solitude I expressed my sincere and intense gratefulness to the Universe. It usually moves me... but it was honest and open feeling. I associated that gift with my recent “prayer”. Very short, because currently it’s hard for me to find energy or willpower to pray - so I use very simple form, with my heart opened, synchronizing with my Higher Self. I consider yesterday’s surprise as a form of the answer... so I thanked...

Learning telepathy in the dream.

I rarely have dreams which could draw my attention. When those happen, I want them to be written down and saved. Last night I had an interesting dream - although what I remember is just a small piece of it (I got down to note it too late - dreams should be written down as soon as possible because they can quickly disperse and vanish in our memory).

In my dream it looked like I was learning telepathy with my Dad (Who was the teacher). But it was conducted in an abstract way: my Dad was sending messages to me, and I was supposed to receive, recognize and decode them. The abstraction was based on the form of those messages: they had a form of inscriptions placed on the floor (!), which appeared literally out of nowhere. Then my Dad and I were comparing what was sent with what was received. After waking up I thought it seemed like it was telepathy - that was the feeling in the dream. Unfortunately I don’t remember the content of those sentences - so... I definitely need to remember to write it down much sooner next time :) .

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