Wednesday May 25, 2016

Recently I had to re-install Android OS on my smartphone and set up everything from scratch. One of many things I needed to do was to install Anki. But there was a surprise: searching Anki via Android Market (I use an old version of Android 2.2.2) brought no results (!). Finally I’ve found Anki searching Google Play via desktop browser - but unfortunately it seems like this tool is no longer available for older Android versions (currently it requires Android 2.3.3 and up).

So it is no longer possible to download Anki via Google Play/Android Market on older devices - including automatic updates...

The good news is that You still can download older versions of Anki in .apk (installation files) with the help of which You will be able to install Anki manually. In order to do that You need to temporarily check the option Applications › Unknown sources and then execute the installation file via Your file manager (I recommend OI File Manager). After installation uncheck that option.

Many older Anki versions You can find and download from this site:

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