Sunday September 6, 2015

One of the smaller habit of conscious creation of Your Own reality which I’ve gained with pleasure - is infusing water and food with Your Own “vibration”. By “vibration” I mean - in a nutshell - what I emanate: an intention, emotions, thoughts... attitude. When, for example, You’re about to meet with someone very close to You - You’re feeling some characteristic way. Similarly when You’re about to be engaged with something which gives You tangible pleasure: doesn’t matter whether would it be looking at Yourself in the mirror or engaging with some passion/hobby which You love. All those things can trigger something which You could simplify as “inner smile”.

Such an “inner smile” I give to the water (or any other beverage) which I’m about to drink (e.g., during stirring with a teaspoon I’m sending to it my positive attitude, good emotions... friendliness). Similarly while preparing food, I’ve even gained expressively friendly approach toward various ingredients during their preparation :) . So when I’m cooking, I like to enjoy the sole communion with them, as with very good friends - I pay attention to this vivid friendliness, with which I’m interweaving my cooking (e.g., while stirring something with a spoon in the pot, on the frying pan, etc.). To put differently, literally and metaphorically I smile at the food, at vegetables sizzling in the pan, or fruits mixed in the platter, at the sauce just thickened or boiling chickpeas :) . And above all I love to smile at coffee :) .

This is a really quick and therefore handy form of the “Practice with Water” which I described in my book (maybe I’ll translate it some time in the future...). Similarly handy form Rhonda Byrne describes in her book The Magic (sprinkling food and drinks with “magic dust”).

Some time ago I stumbled upon a description of another similar practice even at Dolores Cannon, whose books I study with delight. This time the practice is even simpler because stripped of “attaching” any targeted emotions/intentions - while being based on a simple visualization harnessing thought acting like a conditioner. Dolores writes:

“I was then given a process to energize the water we drink, to help in the detoxification process.

Water, in the basis of seventy percent of yourself, and seventy percent of the planet, is so far beyond importance, it is unbelievable. So therefore the resonance of the water you bring into your body is so very important.

When you drink water energize it with the knowledge you have. Send that knowledge. Spiral it in. Imagine the water spiraling, creating a vortex, in a both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Creating the positive and negative key. You must move it out of balance. Imagine an energy entering the water and spiraling and creating a vortex. That is all it has to do. The thought will then energize the water. That will then reintroduce life force back into the water, which is the life force acceptance of the planet.

All fluid on this planet, whether it is rock or whether it is fluid liquid, is liquid in a slower or faster motion. Everything has the resonance and memory of what it is. Humanity has lost the resonance and memory of what it is, but water can re-energize. Man’s human thought format processes back into and helps work with its resonance.

You must bear in mind that this energization of a bottle of water may only last a few hours. You may need to reintroduce it. So the formula may be, before you drink any liquid, do the same process. You can also do the same with food. Food simply being liquid in a slower motion.

This will help with the body. This will also help clarify and create a place called “clarity” within your mind thought format, because you have started losing some of the clarity. This clarity will come back.”
(The Convoluted Universe - Book Two)

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