Monday June 13, 2016

How often do You create new files on Windows? You may notice that the proper context menu (or the “New” submenu of Windows Explorer) for creating new files already contains a bunch of items - it may be that most of them You don’t need. In that case it would be great to clean that menu, leaving only those positions (file types) which You use. That way Your everyday activity of creating new files may become more fluid and faster (the less items You see in a menu - the faster You find what You need).

In order to optimize the menu You need one small (freeware) tool called “ShellMenuNew”. It allows You to easily disable those items which You don’t need - and leave only what You find useful.

  1. Download ShellMenuNew from here. No installation required, just extract a .zip archive You’ve downloaded.
  2. Run “ShellMenuNew.exe”. Soon You’ll see a list of items belonging to the context menu of creating new files.
  3. Select items which You don’t need (in order to select multiple items just hold left Ctrl key while selecting) and press F7 (use F8 to enable).
  4. That’s all - close the program :) !

I love such beautifully simple solutions :D

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