Monday July 6, 2020

I’m still writing my ‘What Went Well’ diary, even if the only thing I achieved during the day is of a small importance. I can’t say that this practice helps me (which does not mean, however, that it won’t help You) - but, surprisingly, it makes me missing the sole act of writing on a daily basis, conducting a kind of a journal.

I am also wondering could it be better to join all the daily items together into one single monthly “registry” of ‘What Went Well’, instead of multiple posts which are usually pretty small. Should I do this? Or maybe I’ll take a fusion approach, in which I would conduct ‘WWW’ diary in a single posts form - and once a month is fully filled, I would merge all its items into one single, monthly, post? Sounds convincing... :)

Back to writing daily, it reminds me of a Chris Stevens (from the radio show ‘Chris in the Morning’, Northern Exposure) and Doogie Howser (more precisely, his journal; Doogie Howser, MD). Both cases I strongly, strongly like - brilliant, insightful thoughts which may make Your life lived more consciously, with more awareness and ‘spiritual content’, so to speak.

The thing is, however, that You don’t have to come up with any brilliant thought or bottom line of the day in order to write a daily journal. I’ve heard many times of a positive role of a simple act of taking down any thought crossing Your mind. What is important, I suppose, is to do it habitually, for some fixed timespan per day. It’s curious what would happen if I indeed would give it a try... What loose thoughts... what feelings.

One way or another, I am still sitting on the fence regarding this idea. Because 1) I don’t like meaningless writing and 2) I don’t find the concept of expressing myself from deep inside appealing anymore. I am aware that maybe I miss the point when I say that I don’t like meaningless writing ;) . But... I don’t know. Maybe let’s consider this just a loose idea to wonder from time to time.

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