Sunday January 12, 2020

Some time ago I wanted to motivate myself by tracking how often I read books. Whenever I’ve managed to read long enough (at least one hour per day), I jotted it down into my habit tracking app. But there is also other activity I’d like to be engaged into as a habit: reading posts and articles from my favorite sources. I do it mostly via Handy News Reader - an RSS reader app I prefer (Android). It is, however, challenging to fulfill all those habits which I find worth attention. Therefore my newest idea on the matter is: to expand the reading habit to cover not only books, but also those smaller pieces of knowledge :) . Maybe this compromise will turn out to be helpful in meeting my reading ambitions.

So, before the beginning of tracking a reading habit in its expanded form, I took a closer look on my current stats (reading books). They look as follows:

My reading habit 2019.

My reading habit 2019.

Although not impressive, it’s worth noticing that I’ve been able to manage a streak of consecutive 6 days of reading at least one hour daily.

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