Monday March 10, 2014

A Handful of Loose Thoughts.

Conscious practice of the Law of Attraction often makes me to question:

Is the current mindset favorable for me?

In practice it also means:

Is my current mindset optimal? (Is it the one which supposed to provide me with the best possible results?)

I don’t let go of perfecting to answer such questions - as well as of self-observation necessary to do so. As a result I realized many things which therefore - by simply becoming aware of - I was able to work with (to eliminate them, modify or replace).

One of those things is likelihood and its role within my “mental habits”.

Consequences of the Likelihood.

Suppose that You want to buy a product X which is, however, much in demand, and the promotion which has drawn Your attention - is already close to an end. Now, You can go to the actual location thinking... indeed, what? With what attitude You’ll go there?

  1. with a hope that the product is still available?

  2. disheartened that You haven’t managed to go earlier on?

  3. lively and confidently convinced that if it is supposed to be Yours - it will be so, regardless of any likelihood?

At this point let’s answer the following question:

Which approach is the most favorable?

First of all, it seems obvious that the one which is definitely not favorable is the option “B”. Visiting the place to make Your wish come true, while emanating with disheartening or dejection in the same time - is like “shot in the foot”, sabotaging of Your Own intention. On one hand You’re kind of forcing Yourself to give it a chance and find out whether the thing is still there - on the other, however, You’re taking the approach which is full of doubts, one or another negativity - the approach which contradicts the positive intention motivating You. In this respect the sole fact that You take the action in the physical world doesn’t matter so much as that in Your heart of hearts You’re into sabotaging it. It resembles a situation in which You want to drive forward - putting on the brakes in the same time.

Think about the option “A”, which seems less obvious. Although this time You are not dejected or disheartened - You are not full of self-confidence or enthusiasm either. You simply have hope - and in this spirit You’re going to the place, therefore giving it a chance.

Certainly this variant is not so hampering as the previous one - it seems rather neutral. Is it really that way, however?

What Does Hope Is?

I consider hope as something which remains when there is no faith. Moreover, the sole faith I consider something which remains - if there is no knowledge (confidence). Hope is the weakest within this hierarchy - being “the desiring mind’s” almost last breath - the last chance with which You want to be equipped anyway, although, to be honest, You don’t have much strength anymore and You can’t afford anything more.

How therefore we could evaluate this particular approach? A favorable one? An unfavorable one? A neutral one? What crosses my mind now is that hope sits where faith and doubt meet. Having hope, doubts may already leak into Your consciousness, trying to make ground there. They may - although they don’t have to, because the more You’re focusing on hope and everything connected to it - the more resistance You bring, in a form of a hard-to-penetrate boundary. The hope, therefore, is Your last bastion.

The Approach “C”.

Brave faith - or even certainty, conviction - and facing the world, the life, from such a perspective.

When the mind lowers Your chances through likelihood - what to do? Does it worth to listen to it? It seems to reason logically - and You want to have both feet on the ground and know what to expect. Wait a moment - but are You sure? Does the approach in which mind lowers Your zeal and chances even before You leave the house - serve You? If You are supposed to face life with the low-chances perspective at the very beginning - does it worth to take the effort, only to further reply with a sentence like “I knew that it won’t work”? Does it really worth to kind of force Yourself to take action, keeping in mind that success is very unlikely, therefore pretty unreal? And, finally, does such an approach serve You?

Ask Yourself what do You really want? Success - or a failure? Joy - or disappointment? If You find the answer obvious and positive, ask Yourself another question:

Do I deserve to always have/give the biggest chances?

“Everything Is Possible” or “Expect the Unexpected”.

There is possibility to take an approach which is completely (or largely) independent from the mind’s whispers. The approach maximally oriented to success in any given circumstances - including any likelihood. If You still care about something - and think that You have still some chances for realization of Your goal - maximize what You already have, i.e., Your inner power of attraction - through... the proper and optimal approach.

What approach seems to be optimal? It is the one in which You care about Your intention come true and You want to give Yourself maximum chances, therefore You don’t allow Your mind to sabotage Your actions by whispers on the alleged lesser likelihood. Because You don’t need extra ballast underway of Your success - it won’t hurt to face life bravely, sprightly and courageously, from the perspective in which You know that You deserve success - You deserve fortune, joy and fulfillment. Therefore You also deserve to ensure maximum chances, always and everywhere.

Likelihood as a Safety Net.

The last whisper of Your mind now may be something like this:

“Don’t get driven by success because it may let You down.”

This way the mind seems to prevent You from discomfort of disappointment, which could then negatively affect You and Your self-confidence, regarding future actions.

Think about it, however, a bit more... If the same “caring” mind creates a safety net from a belief that You actually may have no chances to succeed, or almost none - don’t You almost make Yourself fated to a failure either way? Does it help You to barely make Your hand toward life full of blessings waiting for You? “Because the likelihood”? “Because You afraid disappointment”?

From the small chances perspective You put almost no potential into Your success anyway - the potential with which You indeed are already equipped, the creative potential of Your Spirit, Your Subconscious. the Law of Attraction. Whereas You’re emitting a weak message which is only slightly oriented toward Your desire realization - while being rooted in feeling of safety. Is it, however, safe to stay unfulfilled?

At the end of the day, one way or another, listening to Your Own mind seems to be a dead end: You could do nothing as well - to only slightly move Your finger not to get burnt. At this point, however, You can ask Yourself another question:

Is a success person really capable to get burnt?

Remind Yourself once again a brisk, full of self-confidence and conviction approach - that You deserve success, You deserve fulfillment. And if a given situation, a given thing, a given aim is supposed to be realized via a given way, at a given day and time - it will be so, regardless of anything. If that time, however, is meant to be the last day of promotion - when the mind whispers that “there are little chances” - You’re sabotaging Your success, firmly trampling on the plant which has almost gone through the ground (see “The Secret” movie and James Ray speaking about the plant :) ).

And if it won’t work? Then it would mean that the time is not right yet, the circumstances are not optimal. A person who lives in the Law of Attraction spirit trusts the Higher Power, regardless how they name It - they trusts its competence, higher than their own and all the people around, their analysis and statistic data included. Such a person knows that the real game takes place on a higher plane, which shapes the experiential reality according to the person spirit’s state. To put it differently, if the person wants to attract anything to their life - they always will be emitting the proper and optimal message - or they will be oriented to such one. You don’t always have to have the strength, energy or mood for vigor, zest, enthusiasm and certainty. You can, however, stay connected to the Creator, Subconscious or the Universe and trust the competence of this Force. In this regard there is only You - and It. Zero likelihood. There are only both of You - and constant dialogue between You, the dialogue conducted not by words, but by thought, emotion, Your attitude. Taking a doubtful or confining Your chances (by the belief on lesser likelihood of success) attitude - You’re telling God / Subconscious / the Universe : “Actually, I don’t desire that thing so much.” For what are the feeling of a person who does want? How does the person who truly desires feel - and emanates love for their aim, a desired vision read from the heart?

Share those feelings with God / the Universe and You will provide Yourself with maximum chances. Acknowledge Your personal dialogue and exclude both other people and Your Own mind from it (if it tries to join the dialogue with its own beliefs on if and how much anything is possible). After all, You want to have the biggest chances... after all, You think that You deserve it... after all, You know that if the Law of Attraction exists, there also exists something much beyond statistics.

Become therefore a man of the Secret and... expect the unexpected. Acknowledge that indeed everything is possible - and what will be possible depends on Your choice and the Universe competence. Because the Universe / God / Subconscious will be the one caring about making Your wish come true - given that Your dialogue will be infused with it, “vital” with it. Your desire will be then read, and physical reality shaped in a proper manner. Keep in mind, however, that this is not You - and any other person - who decided what does “proper” mean. Including: when, where... how. It is, however, a good news to know that the best answers for those questions are known by someone “bigger” than You. To Whose hands You can candidly and trustfully lay Your heart’s content... after all, what do You think: who has put it there? What makes that You love... (fill anything) - feeling passion toward it, feeling an irresistible desire...? There is information on Your Own destiny in there - Your path, Your aim, Your way of living. Why - once being aware of desires straight from the Heart - You have to confine Yourself, therefore contradicting Your deepest nature? It seems that the exciting thing is rather to answer to Your Heart’s desires - than to suppress. trivialize, or trample with the lack of faith.

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