Thursday August 8, 2019

Although for a long time now I dreamed about much readable Alt+Tab for Windows 7 - I’ve avoided third-party apps offering potentially attractive alternatives because I haven’t wanted my PC to run slower (it’s a rather old setup, originally published during the Vista times). But then I’ve read this article, which somehow inspired me to visit a website of the developer of such an app. Being there I gained the impression that this time there is a chance that the app won’t slow down my computer in any significant way - so I’ve decided to give it a try.


My first impressions are great: the app indeed is small, works tangibly fast. What is even more important, it fits my needs perfectly - because the main reason for me to opt for an alternative Alt+Tab was readability: I’d love to see app thumbnails larger than in standard Windows 7 solution (3d flipping didn’t convince me at all). Alt-Tab Terminator happily brings this feature, allowing You even to scale thumbnails to full-screen size (!). There are also some customizing options, like a couple of others sizes for You to choose, including icon size as well.

What I find especially fantastic and useful is that under each thumbnail there are three buttons: “Close”, “Terminate” and “Run” - allowing You not only to close a window of Your choice, but - more importantly - to kill the process responsible for it (which may come in handy if an app suddenly and stubbornly freezes itself).

The only drawbacks I became aware of are:

  1. Alt-Tab Terminator doesn’t work without Windows Aero (if You’d like to use it under such conditions, grab Vista Switcher).
  2. Sometimes its window does not disappear after releasing Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut- which may be pretty frustrating (I reported this to the developer, maybe it will be improved over the time).

All in all it’s still better than the standard Alt+Tab - and I’m very happy that finally I can use my computer in a significantly more convenient way, having all the opened window thumbnails large enough for my eyes not to be strained. Thank You, Alexander :) !

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