Thursday January 2, 2020

Recently - inspired by Benjamin Dreyer (Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style.) - I began to apply typographical improvements myself, wherever I can. One of many places affected by this knowledge is a quote set (“golden thoughts”) which I use within The Bat! (an e-mail app for Windows) via “cookie” feature (which You can use for random quotes within Your message template, for example). The improvement was about switching from "dummy" to “smart” quotation marks and apostrophes.

Soon after this change, however, I’ve noticed that The Bat! doesn’t handle Unicode characters incorporated well: instead of showing the proper final result (e.g., rightly encoded quotation marks), it has displayed “garbage” characters. Since I haven’t found anything helpful within the app’s settings, the only remaining idea was to experiment with character encoding on the Notepad++ side. To my content I’ve soon discovered what solves the problem: Encoding › Convert to ANSI. Works like a charm :) .

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