Thursday June 9, 2016

If You’d like to ascribe Your preferred icons for particular file types in Windows, You can use FileTypesMan - a fast and simple freeware tool.

I. Find and grab icons which You enjoy! :)

IconFinder may be a good place to go. You can browse its catalogue using filters (for example, You can browse only free icons).

Note: not every icon is available in .ico format - but don’t worry, no need to bother with Photoshop or whatever, there is much easier (and faster) way for this: ConvertICO. On this site You can experience how fast and easy it can provide exactly what You need: a perfectly done .ico file. Just drop Your .png file into the separate area and voilà: You should quickly see Your well-prepared file on the right. One click on it to download. That simple!

II. Decorate Windows with Your brand new icons.

By using FileTypesMan. In order to do that:

  1. Run FileTypesMan.exe and wait until You’ll see the extension list.
  2. Use Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut in order to quickly find a file type You are going to modify: just enter its extension (for example: “.txt” for text files) and confirm by ENTER key. If You don’t instantly see (on the list) what You are looking for - just press ENTER again - until You’ll find it.
  3. Press Esc (in order for search window to quickly disappear) and then press F2 (in order to open modification window).
  4. You should see a new window called “Edit File Type” - in which You'll find a field called “Default Icon”. Next to this field (on the right) You should see a button signed as “...”. Click that button.
  5. Another window popped up - use “Browse...” button, find the icon You want to set and click “Open” button, then finally “OK” button.
  6. Close the program. You should already see the effect in Your system.
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