Sunday May 29, 2016

“Your idiom’s as good as your English.” - said Jason Bourne to Wu Song, a Chinese, in The Bourne Supremacy novel. Once I read somewhere that idioms well reflect Your language skills. I really like idioms because of its abstract and perverse character. It also fascinates me that they may be pretty good shortcuts when You’d like to express something as effectively as possible.

So I’m very interested in idioms - both in English and my native language. Comparing the two I am especially fascinated when I pick up some obviously native idioms - i.e., without their counterparts within native speech.

I learn and assimilate idioms using Anki - there are various idiom decks on

Yesterday while doing research on using some particular phrase I came across a website advertising its “Idiom of the Day” newsletter. It was an exciting discovery and I’ve immediately signed up. And today, having my first e-mail from there, I decided to create a new Anki deck based on this newsletter.

This is also another example when the Universe fulfills also unspoken desires (the desires which You became aware once they came true). It is always wonderful feeling to remind myself that this is possible - and that way we can be more happy than we could think :) .

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