Sunday October 13, 2019

Although I have told You about those things before (here and there), I'm still amazed what difference they can make - so I decided to commit a little bit of a reminder :) .

My everyday creation - as probably in case of many people nowadays - involves working with a computer. Being more precise, I use Windows and - as far as this OS is concerned - I’m happy to benefit from several priceless workhacks, i.e., tricks making everyday work much easier (less time- and effort-consuming). Under Windows 7 my main hacks are: 1) windows arrangement on demand and 2) instantaneous calling out the one I need.

Windows arrangement on demand.

During Your everyday working sessions it’s easy for Your multiple windows to become mixed and threw away many possible directions throughout Your desktop. A fantastic thing is that, any time You want, You can restore all those windows to the state in which all of them are nicely and carefully organized (the way You prefer: set it up once and have this arrangement always at Your disposal). A single keyboard shortcut and You’re done, regardless of what have happened over the time - this trick will work like magic wand over any clutter :) . And it names WiLMA.

Instantaneous calling out the window You need at the moment.

Are there any apps You frequently use during Your day? Having at least a handful of various windows opened, it’s not so easy to switch to the most desired ones through ordinary Alt+Tab way. There is, however, much simpler (and faster) method: just pin the most desired apps as the first ones to Your Windows 7 taskbar - and then You can call them out whenever You want, simply by Win logo key+nr - where the nr states for the pinned item’s position on the taskbar, counting from the left. This way You can instantaneously call out the most needed windows at the moment, regardless of their position on the Alt+Tab switcher. Saves a whole lot of time!

Moreover, if You often work with multiple Explorer windows, You can include it on the most desired (the pinned ones) list, which gives You the ability to easily filter all the windows (whatever they are) only to show the Explorer ones. Suppose You’ve pinned the Explorer window as the first from the left on the taskbar. Now, every time You want to navigate only through Explorer windows, simply hold Win logo key and keep pressing 1.

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