Monday October 14, 2019

This was an interesting facility. I think it was placed mostly underground, while on the surface there were several openwork holes, clearances of various shapes and sizes, indicating that there is definitely much more to it, deep down.

I associate the actual facility with some kind of a temple... What I remember are large, significantly wide stairs leading downwards. I stood somewhere on their upper part. I was supposed to go down. I remember that there was a young woman accompanying and encouraging me, perhaps due to the fact that I’ve found all of this highly emotional. I don’t know why, but most of the time I much cried - in a way I experienced intense heartbreaking feelings, but I can’t point out their reason, I can only tell that I think I had other dreams with similar intense crying theme involved, referring to which I don’t know the reason. Sometimes I think that maybe those dreams act as a kind of cleansing...


Encouraged to walk down the stairs, at some point I realized that there were no further visible steps. The classy girl encouraged me to proceed, regardless of their invisible nature. She gave me that knowledge, a message to proceed, especially when I cannot perceive the stairs, only knowing they do exist, as well as the previous ones. It definitely resembles a metaphor referring to going through life without knowing much details which could provide You with security and comfort on a daily basis.

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