Wednesday July 15, 2020

This day began in a strange way: with noticeable dizziness and a feeling of little nausea. For a few days now I couldn’t manage to write my “What Went Well” diary, although it’s not my last word - I am rather still considering to write more diary-like posts which could incorporate “What Went Well” theme - I find this idea more appealing that very short “WWW” items which I’ve done earlier on.

So, since I’m already writing, what could I point out in terms of the recent “Want Went Well”? Don’t remember anything special, but I feel excited about finishing the article on Quantum Jumps. It’s almost done, I only need to proof-read it with my Sweetheart (I find reading my articles aloud of a great significant importance, improvement-wise).

In the meantime I’m glad that I keep reading The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics(by Julian Barbour). It’s very interesting, although the details are beyond my ken - I recognize that it interestingly corresponds with my own take on time, described here.

I am also especially happy that Handy News Reader has already gained the custom font feature (!!!, finally) - and that it’s free of a stubborn bug regarding articles being served as “new” over and over again after they’ve been already viewed. But the custom font feature is definitely my current “number one”, due to that it was definitely a long, warmly desired thing. It looks so amazingly clear, elegant and aesthetic with the Lato font! :) I love that.

Speaking Handy, I am more and more aware of a need to significantly improve my set of content sources... Although HNR is equipped with a nice set of advanced ways to fine-tune this - it’s not so easy to design... There is something funny in that what has turned out to be the most challenging thing: not the app itself, but the way how it may be optimally used ;) . My “Holy Grail” is the situation in which the majority of new articles I browse are really interesting for me. I’ve just posted this matter on HNR GitHub, maybe someone will shed some light on this...

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