Thursday June 30, 2016

Recently I’ve mentioned an upcoming meeting... it fell on last Wednesday. But to present thing in a chronological way, it all began with my “meditation announcement”.

I thought it would be a good idea to offer my knowledge in exchange for any amount of money (depending on a person’s will and comfort). But the result turned out to be the opposite (!), regarding my intended purpose: when people found out it isn’t totally free, contact broke off.

You know, it crossed my mind that some people would feel uncomfortable with the concept of paying even any amount of money - because on the website where I put my announcement they would expect non-commercial offers. Probably this was an important factor for many of them to be interested in that particular website - “economy-wise”. On the other side - while they probably could afford only small prices - paradoxically offering those would be embarrassing for them (a real vicious circle ;) ). However, having all of this in mind I still have thought that the knowledge will be more important than some discomfort with small “price”. I thought that it will be an even positive move to let the people decide how much they would like to pay (exactly like donation).

Although I’ve received a couple of answers - as I sad before, when asked about any money, everyone turned silent. Finally I became resigned and described my reflections and feelings on the matter to the newest person who answered my meditation ad. I asked if that person would explain to me - in case she also would feel uncomfortable with my attitude - why she feels that way and maybe also why other people do. Or in other words, why my idea didn’t work.

Oh, maybe You are wondering what was my motivation to charge people any amount of money instead of offering knowledge for free. The answer is simple: desperation. My commercial experience hasn’t helped me, financially speaking: my prices were too high or - paradoxically again - too low for my clients. Even if I gave them freedom to choose prices they would feel comfortable with, they didn’t take advantage of this (!). So I thought that maybe in case of (more casual) exchange it may work. Unfortunately it didn’t.

But - surprisingly - the person I’ve asked about all of this answered me and confirmed my concern (that as a matter of fact people would feel uncomfortable paying whatever price and that would stop them to take advantage of my offer). For me it is still surprising because I supposed that people can handle this for the knowledge’s sake (the knowledge which in fact they are interested in). Why a matter of so little significance as this symbolic price would become crucial (?!?)? Nevertheless, people surprised me again...

The individual who answered me is named Joanne and after my explanation she was still willing to meet. She even offered that she would pay me some small amount of money or... bake some pie or vegan cakes... :) (!) But she also explained her situation - that she also has to handle poor level of comfort in life, also financially speaking. I know what is like to handle all of this and I know it pretty well so I’ve decided not to burden her - especially because there are a lot of people with much better circumstances in this space, for whom it wouldn’t be any discomfort to pay such a small price. So I told her I don’t expect anything - although I feel excited about pie/cakes, provided it would be comfortable for her.

Soon we set a meeting and we’ve met last Wednesday, at the park, from 5 ᴘ.ᴍ. to 8 ᴘ.ᴍ. (although we didn’t choose a strict time-frame).

Interestingly it resembles last year’s meetings with another person who I’ve met unintentionally in the same place. It was a foreign man with whom I’ve communicated totally in English, what made this experience especially interesting for me, also practically speaking (practicing and mastering the spoken language). That person also was interested in meditation subject - the same with Joanne, for whom it was the main purpose to meet.

So... to last minute before she arrived I wasn’t sure if it will be “a fake” or not (I’ve encountered enough people who turned out to be not credible). But to nice surprise it seemed it will be all right this time: she has come.

I gave her as much knowledge as I was able. What was especially interesting in this experience for me was that all the time I felt inspired to render what I want to convey as much precisely/accurately as I can. I considered it a kind of a challenge... and fun :) . A challenge, because it was quite pleasant and nice feeling to have fun that way: to aim high while composing almost every sentence, choosing almost every word or a phrase. I considered it a kind of an exercise with the help of which my skills could evolve. It was very nice :) .

Oh, I remember one more interesting thing, that is to say: when I got to know that Joanne struggles with poor quality of life (financially speaking), but still is willing to meet and pay even a small “price” - I offered her access to my free recordings on meditation subject (generally I share my knowledge and experience for free). In those recordings I put everything what I know and consider most helpful and valuable in the same time. But having this access she still was interested in face-to-face meeting (!) - which was surprising. She explained that for her personal contact is an important or even crucial thing: being able not only to reach knowledge, but ask questions, feel the presence of another person nearby, and even to meditate together. Wow, I was impressed by that, it was very surprising...

To sum it up, I was very happy that this experience had place... for several reasons:

  1. It added variety to our daily life.
    It was a great opportunity to evolve: as well in the rendering/conveying knowledge field - as in the communicating with another being, which is also something appealing to me.
  2. We received extremely delicious cake which as such was incredibly surprising because of the recipe which contains... a beetroot! :D Oh, I’ve never eaten such a tasty cake. Incredible and very interesting consistency, beautiful flavor (which resembles my favorite chocolate-vanilla pudding) and taste (intensively chocolate). I love this cake! .
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