Saturday May 16, 2020

A glimpse into the past.

One of my fondest memories from this lifetime are years when I’ve been conducting my own e-zine. At the beginning it had been distributed in an off-line form - a few issues later it reaches the Net.

Long story short, the whole thing was an incredibly pleasant, exciting and satisfactory experience. To this day I remember how I forced myself to keep going late into the night to meet the upcoming deadline :) . It was fantastic to create and coordinate various things which altogether make up the final magazine (I was a chief editor, a writer, a web and graphics designer, and a manager).

Among things I liked the most was to write a preface. Each time it was like celebrating a new birth, recognizing and emphasizing its leading traits (each issue had been different, each deserved its own ‘theme’ or tone).

Now, when that time had passed long ago, I am at the beginning of another vision of my website. Wondering about its character I’ve reminded myself of those good times of the past and decided to reflect them at least to some degree, today. I thought: “Why not to apply a magazine-like form to it?” With its own occasional preface, highlights, and maybe even “issues” - although I’d like to treat them more metaphorically than formally, with more flexibility (meaning: no specific boundaries between one and another).

I find it a brilliant and brisk idea which inspires me much. Therefore I’ve decided to take that path and re-design Trail of the Light in this mold.

In the meantime, graphics-wise, it turned out to be nightly... mysterious... and, perhaps, a little bit nostalgic. I came back to my original logotype from That Time - although I’ve been experimenting with other ones down the road, this one (and my very first one, in fact) always managed to show up one way or another, throughout my design. Therefore, I thought, the time is right for it to take the main place again. Back to the beginning, back to things I still highly value - although reborn through all the new experience I’ve gained. Even technically-wise it’s a kind of a come-back: switching from Blogspot to TextPattern, years after I’ve done the opposite.

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