Saturday October 24, 2020

Oct. 23-24 (night).

The previous night I didn’t make it, probably due to too many ‘blackouts’ and tiredness. Last night I’ve managed to perform the practice again, although once more it crossed my mind that the whole thing is pretty fatiguing, or may be even exhausting. This night has been similar: although I had the willpower to regain attention after blackouts and keep going - I was aware that the practice takes pretty long time (at least I felt that way). Once again I’ve been able to feel real energy at some points - which gives me the certainty that visualization does may help (I refer to the skepticism of Luis Minero - see Demystifying the Out-Of-Body Experience A Practical Manual For Exploration and Personal Evolution). Like the previous one, this time also I didn’t experience the ‘butter-like’ effect - but I’ve realized of some new sensations (some of them I am almost sure that are indeed new, and some I have the impression that have already been present before): shivers, ‘wind blowing’, a specific pleasant ‘physical’ feeling. another one (also pleasant) resembling swaying or swinging, and the feeling of fast heartbeat and increased warmth of the body.

The most interesting was ‘wind blowing’: I was almost sure that it was a real, authentic sensation (I know it from my previous meditation experience). It resembles a sound of blowing wind - but as if You’re hearing it within Yourself. It’s not loud, but rather subtle. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m focusing my attention on that ‘inner sound’, it improves the overall experience (e.g., feeling real energy moving within the body). I’m glad that this sensation has been present much longer than, say, shivers - I’ve had decent time to enjoy and experiment with it a little bit.

The “specific pleasant ‘physical’ feeling” resembled fondling my body, like a subtle massage or something similar. It was close to erotically pleasant sensation.

The feeling of fast heartbeat and increased warmth of the body were already present before. Although I’m not 100% sure whether the pulse has indeed been sped up - it is a realistic sensation.

I’d like to note that this time and also before I’ve learned to make the VELO energy movement or sole visualization of it independent from physical body (e.g., breathing rhythm; which I consider one of valuable points made by Luis in his book).

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