Saturday September 10, 2016

One of my Sweetheart’s interests is to be a personal manager (in the context of a personal image - or in a completely another field). That’s why I tended to say that she is “my manager” also - because indeed She has organized many things in my life, which I find significantly helpful. But to put it that way was partly humorous.

Tonight, while walking back our local home, I was thinking about it and have realized that she is my personal manager (or an agent) in a much more serious way, much broader sense. Looking back on past years in this lifetime I see how many things She has helped me, how many things has been organized/managed/accomplished or even possible because of Her. This lead me to conclusion that there is definitely more to it - than I could think. Now I feel more like I have some special Agent/Personal Manager assigned for the purpose of my presence on this particular plan of existence. This is definitely a serious “job” - for a definitely Professional, with the whole range of particular skills which are needed, necessary or helpful in this huge task. So far I’ve recognized many of them: many things I would call “challenges” - were more or less possible because of my Beloved One’s skills.

There are many instances illustrating clearly the scale of Her help significance. I am impressed by that, including Her will and intention to do this “job”, play this role. I admire it, and I feel a little bit “exclusive” in this position (having the special person of that kind by me). I appreciate it, feel grateful and honored - because I know what it takes to be able to handle all of this. So I thank You and I will definitely give my recommendations to any being considering their presence (a mission or just a trip ;) ) on some particular plan of existence.

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