Saturday November 7, 2015


I had a dream not so long ago with which I would like to share with You - because I consider this dream important at some way.

It looked like it was one of my average dreams: normal, nothing special. But all of a sudden I’ve seen my grandma. It was explicitly confusing and surprising because:

  1. She showed up out of nowhere - without any links or connection to the plot of this dream.
  2. She passed away years ago in the physical reality.

In my dream she stood in front of me and reached her arm toward me. The gesture resembled a gesture of greeting and encouragement- something like “Hello, I was waiting for You - come, I will show You to...” But she didn’t talk. She just stood still and just did that gesture - which really frightened me because till her showing up I wasn’t really aware (like in any other regular dream), but when she showed up I quickly associated facts: that I see the person I shouldn’t see (because she died long ago!). Normally I wouldn’t be frightened, I suppose - but during this dream I probably had limited awareness: enough to be aware of the weirdness of the situation, but not enough to react more wisely. My reaction was full of fear: as I said, I suddenly felt frightened, which also suddenly took me out of my (dreamy)body. In other words - I suppose I experienced a dreamy version of the OoBE. And that’s all - I think I woke up.

But this dream made me wonder on its meaning. After a while I concluded that the scene was more unique than I thought - because of who I have seen. I refer to “the welcoming theme” which occurs repeatedly after people died (also it is often reported by the people who experienced NDE or OoBE). After their death they often meet someone who they have knew well during their physical life, and usually with whom they had a strong emotional connection. That person (or persons) will arrive in order to welcome and show what’s next. It is easier that way because for an average person “the other side” (the spiritual plan) is completely new and foreign. So if the person meets someone who knows well, having all associated trust and positive emotions - it is much easier for the person to acclimate. It’s like an anchor of knowing within the Unknown, so to speak.

So when I think about it... I would ask myself who would be the welcoming person for me myself? I didn’t “lose” anybody with whom I could have a strong connection. Actually I didn’t “lose” anybody of a significant importance for me. What remains are persons to whom I mostly got used. And my grandma is probably only one possible choice to take that role. Although I hadn’t had any emotional connection with her - it was big amount of time we spent together. So it inspired me to think: why she? And it seems I already know.

There is one more thing remaining: what would be the purpose of her presence and behavior? I see the possible two:

  1. She was welcoming me as a prophet of my soon departure (moving to the spiritual).
  2. She was welcoming me referring to my soon explorations via the OoBE. (I told You I’ve recently begun some practice)

One way or another - she has been shown to me as a welcoming person on the other side and I think it should mean one or the other.

Sometimes I wonder where I would land if I gave a hand... but of course I know I’m on the Path and I would consider it a signpost.

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