Thursday June 25, 2020

Quick survey on what’s coming:

  1. Clearly.
  2. CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs.
  3. Dark Reader.
  4. Get RSS Feed URL.
  5. Infinity New Tab - Productivity&Speed Dial.
  6. Resolution Test.
  7. Search by Image (by Google).
  8. The RSS Aggregator.

First of all, I’d like to mention one fantastic thing I love when it comes to Chrome extensions: that You don’t have to use Chrome itself to use them :) ! The situation nowadays is interesting in that many web browsers are based on the same “engine” as Chrome - which results in that they all should be compatible with Chrome extensions. Interestingly enough, even if they don’t have their own “extension store”, You should still be able to simply open Google Web Store and add extensions the usual way. This way, for example, You can benefit from Your favorite Chrome extensions using Brave, Vivaldi, or even Opera (!).

Below You’ll find a list of my favorite extensions which I gathered throughout the years. Some of them I use rarely, some pretty often - but even those rarely used are of invaluable help when the need arises. So let’s take a look :) .

Clearly » .

It allows You to read website content in a clear, simplified manner, i.e., stripped off of all unnecessary elements but the actual article, a blog post, etc. Similar feature is often present natively within web browsers, where it is known as “simplified view” or “reading mode”. A dedicated extension, however, may often turn out to work better.

What I especially like in this particular extension of this type is that to some degree You can adjust the look of a simplified reading mode to Your Own liking, meaning: the background color, font face and size. You can also instantaneously switch a website You’re currently browsing to the reading mode via Your Own preferred keyboard shortcut (I chose Ctrl+Shift+R).

CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs » .

When it comes to switch between many currently opened tabs via Ctrl+Tab shortcut, there is a fantastic and intuitive way to do so: once You press Ctrl+Tab, it switches You to the last viewed tab - once You press it again, it switches You back to the previous tab You’ve been on a moment ago. This way You’ll never get lost in a tangle of opened tabs, however many of them You have opened.

Unfortunately, this is not a common way for switching between tabs. You can’t do that in Chrome out of the box, You can’t do that in Brave... while it is possible in Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi. You can better this lack to a degree, however, harnessing this extension, which ascribes a keyboard shortcut of Your choice to switch tabs in the intuitive manner described above (I use Ctrl+Shift+A).

Dark Reader » .

This is another example when a dedicated extension works much better than a native web browser feature. Dark Reader lets You to dark-theme websites You’re browsing. Moreover, it allows You to customize the appearance of that dark mode to a degree - and it remembers specific adjustments meant only for a particular website. You can also easily exclude chosen websites not to be dark-themed at all.

Get RSS Feed URL » .

RSS is a fabulous way to stay up-to-date with websites You’re interested into. Not always, however, You can find the RSS address displayed somewhere on the site - which does not necessarily mean that it is not equipped with RSS. In such cases this extension comes in handy: it scans a website You’re currently viewing and tells You does it have an RSS address (or addresses). It also allows You to quickly copy those addresses.

Infinity New Tab - Productivity&Speed Dial » .

I am a great enthusiast of “a speed dial” concept, which is simply a handy start page always opened by default in Your web browser, allowing You to access all Your favorite websites straightly from one place. My best form of such a “speed dial” is the one made of websites’ thumbnails - thanks to which one glimpse may be enough to find the page You need at the moment.

Unfortunately, my previous favorite extension (Speed Dial 2 - which was able to generate such thumbnails) began to crush too often, which made me to switch to a different one, this time with a different approach: it can display letters or icons/small pictures instead of thumbnails. The thing is kind of cute (here I’ll tell You why), it allows to easily backup and restore its settings, set Your Own speed dial wallpaper (or use a random one from the Web), so it makes the cut. I consider this a good-enough solution for the time being, till I switch to something much better, i.e., designed by myself, therefore 100% fitting my needs.

Resolution Test » .

If You design websites, this one You might find nieocenione: it allows You to quickly resize a web browser window into the desired resolution.

Search by Image (by Google) » .

This extension is probably the rarely used one in my case, but when finally I need it, it is niezastąpiony. It allows You to google for similar images to the one You’ve just stumbled upon on some website. Just right-click the image and choose “Search Google with this image”.

The RSS Aggregator » .

You might consider this one a nice RSS app which main strength I find the fact that it has no problem with RSS channels from behind the Cloudflare (whereas it’s a common issue among RSS readers not to be able to reach such feeds).

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