Saturday June 27, 2020

Updated: July 1, 2020 (TopMost)

Quick survey on what’s coming:

  1. DSpellCheck.
  2. Quick Color Picker.
  3. MarkdownViewerPlusPlus.
  4. TopMost.
  5. MenuIcons.
  6. TextFX.
  7. Plugin Manager.

DSpellCheck » .

Thanks to this plug-in spell-checking became much simpler, faster and more convenient than in case of Microsoft Word’s. Besides, it has fantastic features:

  1. You can instantaneously auto-correct a desired word: just click anywhere on it and press a keyboard shortcut of Your choice.

  2. You can quickly go to the next misspelled word - also by a dedicated keyboard shortcut.

  3. You can even choose (from a several different styles) a way how a misspelled word will be marked/underlined/visually distinguished.


Quick Color Picker » .

If You are a programmer and often incorporates color definitions, this plugin You might find invaluable. Its most fantastic features in my opinion are:

  1. It underlines color definitions using the defined color itself as the underlining color (!).
    As a result You can tell what (color) is what already at one glimpse.


  1. It allows You to grab a color from anywhere on the screen and insert it directly into the code :) .
  2. It also allows You to adjust any desired color to Your liking.

MarkdownViewerPlusPlus » .

This plugin supports Markdown within Notepad++ itself :) .

If You don’t know what Markdown is - here You are a few posts on that in which You’ll find out how it may significantly improve Your writing/publishing workflow.

The plugin can:

  1. Display live Markdown-powered text preview on the side :) .
    Note: if You know CSS, You can adjust how it will be looking like - via CSS commands of Your choice.
  2. Export the text e.g., into .pdf - or as HTML into the Clipboard.


TopMost » .

When it comes to GUI and design of various kinds - I love smooky glass visual effect. For a long time now I’ve been using it within CygWin terminal, but today (July 1, 2020) I missed that effect regarding Notepad++ :) . I did some research and found out that there is a plug-in which can do that (among a few other features), and it is called TopMost. Soon after I tested it and can say that, indeed, it works pretty well, transparency level adjustment included :) .


Thanks to this one You can make Notepad++ more intuitive in use: it adds accompanying icons to Notepad++ menu commands, so You may faster find what You want at the moment.


TextFX » .

It provides You with many advanced things You can do with text.

Plugin Manager » .

This is a built-in plugin catalog which allows You to browse, search, download and update various plug-ins. In reality, however, I often find this plugin not working in my case, showing an error:

“There was an error downloading the plugin list. Please check your internet connection, and your proxy settings in Internet Explorer, Edge or Chrome.”

You can find, however, all the plug-ins gathered in one place here: 32-bit and 64-bit.

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