Wednesday October 21, 2020

Oct. 20-21 (night).

My first attempt of the “VELO” (Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation) practice. I’ve found even sole focusing attention on various parts of my body difficult. Although I had tried, I think I didn’t felt energy within those parts (the aim was to focus attention on a body area to direct/feel energy there), let alone moving it in any direction (downward or upward throughout the body). Therefore I tried to support myself with visualization of something going throughout the body the desired way. Not necessarily energy itself, but something (a symbol) which could make it moving. The result was that I sensed that process like moving a larger brush within the water, which causes the water to follow the brush with some movement. Other times I visualized a significantly faster movement, too rapid to resemble water following the brush. I’ve experimented as long as I could, although at some point I felt unpleasant pressure on the back of my head (probably due to the wrong position on the pillow). It seems that sometimes the visualization indeed helped me to feel something which I could consider “energy”. At various points I also felt shiver, mostly around the legs. The most interesting feeling was the feeling of my spiritual body gaining some extra smoothness as if it came partially unstuck from the physical body. The impression was that the smoothness made the body moving loosely by itself (not directed by my will) to a degree. The last thing worth noticing is that I lost awareness at least one time - but I always have managed to recover it and keep going the practice pretty quick afterward.

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