Thursday October 22, 2020

Oct. 21-22 (night).

I’ve managed to successfully perform the practice during the second or third attempt. I have the impression that it is easier if I am already feeling tangibly tired - therefore often it may be a good idea to perform the practice giving myself some tangible time of laying in bed (or even a nap-like state) before. I had the impression that it is more difficult this time but I’ve managed to stay persistent. I’ve used the same method as the previous one - which I could call ‘the brush’ ;) . Only thanks to persistence at some point I’ve reached something which I consider real feeling / real sensation / real awareness of the energy of my spiritual body, which has been following ‘the brush’ movements (although only to a degree, without reaching the top or the bottom level of the physical body). Becoming aware of that real feeling of energy was interesting, I’ve tried to develop it further, but to no avail. No smooth ‘butter-aided’-like movements this time.

Side note: Once I’ve decided to finish the practice and change position, I’ve noticed the feeling as if my spiritual body would be positioned noticeably differently (different angle) than my physical body.

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