Saturday January 19, 2019

Few days ago Open Live Writer refused to publish posts with images. It probably has to do with Google depreciating Picasa which so far served as host for Writer post pictures.


It is worth noticing that so serious issues arise pretty rarely in case of Open Live Writer which I find an excellent tool for blogging. What is interesting in those cases is that they make OLW users to show up, as a result of which You can see how much enthusiasm and interests this program triggers. Just see this thread - or this one.

Back to the current issue: banders03 proposed a workaround which may be easy to apply also for non-techy users. It goes as follows (I quote):

“1. Add all images for the post in a new post in the Blogger editor, sizing them extra large. Leave some space between images.
2. Go to html mode, select and copy the code.
3. Paste this code into a new OLW post in source mode.
4. Switch to edit mode and add desired text. Size images as needed. Publish/schedule.”

It is not so obvious will this be fixed - I keep fingers crossed. A ray of hope arises when to think how it went another times in the past, when similar - although rare - occurrences took place and finally they did were fixed. I’m thinking about the log-in issue from late 2015 - or the authorization issue which has been solved as one of the first major things alongside (re-)birth of Open Live Writer in place of his predecessor, Windows Live Writer in mid-2016 (I encourage You to read this empowering story :) ).

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