Monday March 9, 2020

If You prefer to use Your Own styles within Writer, it’s always nice to have them connected with all the rest Writer’s ‘magic’, like automatically generated Table of Contents or page headers. The latter are especially interesting because they may reflect to which content section (such as a chapter) a currently displayed/read page belongs. However many pages a chapter consists of, and wherever it starts and ends - all its pages may be automatically “signed” within the page header section. Furthermore, all of that can be based on Your Own custom styles :) .

To set all of this up:

  1. Choose from the Writer’s menu: Tools › Chapter Numbering... › Numbering (tab) › Paragraph style › Heading 1 › Choose Your Custom Header Style Here.

If You’ve performed this first step earlier on (regarding a custom-header-based Table of Contents, for example), You don’t need to do it again.

  1. Confirm by OK.
  2. Click within the top area of a page - till a page header delimiter shows up (a horizontal line with a small rectangle with a ‘+’ and ‘Header (Default Style)’ on the right).
  3. Click the rectangle - the header area should become a little bit larger and the cursor should be already placed within it.
  4. Choose from the Writer’s menu: Insert › Field › More Fields... (or simply use Ctrl+F2).
  5. From the Document tab select Chapter as type and then Chapter name as a format.
  6. Confirm by the Insert button on the bottom, and then click the Close button. Now click wherever within the page area to leave the header section. The current header’s name should be displayed on top of a page.
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