Friday December 18, 2020

A few days ago I’ve stumbled upon an odd error regarding Pidgin messenger (under Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium): it has been defined as “queue underflow”. Regardless of researching this issue I haven’t found what does it mean, although fortunately I’ve managed to successfully fix it. What has worked for me in this case was the following:

  1. Uninstall Pidgin.
  2. Delete folders:
  • C:\Users\Your Windows user name\AppData\Roaming\.purple.
  • C:\Users\Your Windows user name\AppData\Local\gtk-2.0.
  • C:\Program Files\Pidgin;

As a curiosity, a simple method to quickly reach the AppData folder is to use Win key+R keyboard shortcut, paste or type %appdata%, confirm by the enter key. You’ll end up in Roaming sub-folder - to reach all the rest subfolders (including Local which You need in this case) just tap on AppData label on top of the window and then You can enter the Local directory as well.

  1. Install and configure Pidgin again - the error should not occur anymore.
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