Friday January 29, 2021

Interestingly enough, the Pidgin issue I’ve described in one of the newest posts recently returned. This time, however, the previous method haven’t helped. It turned out that it requires more effort to handle this now, due to Facebook blocking particular version number which is still present within Pidgin Facebook plugin. To fix that You need to change the blocked version number into the allowed one. To be able to change that number, however, You need to use a special editor - so-called hex editor, like HxD under Windows, for example. Ensure that You’ll launch it in an admin mode, then open the plugin file within the editor (libfacebook.dll) and replace with 537.

If the app cannot find the string mentioned above, it seems You don’t use the newest version of the plugin. Try this one.

Then save the file and put it into its destined location, meaning (e.g.) C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins. Then launch Pidgin, which should work with no problem now.


I’d like to thank targetbsp for all the help they’ve given me both with fixing the issue and understanding its nature. See this page for more details.

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