Monday December 21, 2020

Although I remain a happy Podcast Generator user, once I’ve experienced a very strange behavior: it has not accepted my password, although I’ve been 100% sure that it is correct and that I’ve typed it the right way.

First thing I’ve tried was the one recommended by the app’s developer themselves. The procedure is simple:

  1. Download the app .zip file from the developer GitHub.
  2. Extract the file and find contrib/recover/reset.php.
  3. Upload reset.php file into Podcast Generator (FTP) admin directory.
  4. Launch the log-in page of Your Podcast Generator installation - You should see a form to reset the password.

Important Note.

Once You’ve done this, it is very important for You to ensure that reset.php file has been automatically deleted from Your FTP account (refresh the session to gain 100% certainty). If it is still there, delete it by hand. The reason it is important is that as long as this file remains on the server, everyone can change Your password.

In my case, however, the procedure described above has not helped. What did help was to completely clear the history (cache) of my web browser. I don’t know if that alone could fix the issue without bothering with resetting password - but it is definitely worth trying.

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