Friday August 28, 2020

Quantum Theme - Consciousness and Reality.

First and foremost I am very, very glad that I’ve finished articles on both books by Cynthia Sue Larson: Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps. And now we’re still working on the extended interview with Cynthia, which will unfold a deepened and widened perspective on various points of this fascinating, thought-provoking matter.

A few days ago I had a more tangible creative drive and - finally - energy to record a couple of new episodes of one of my podcasts: a few hours presenting a fresh new way of viewing so-called Law of Attraction / The Secret. Although I already did describe it partially here and there over the time, there have not been a complex dedicated description never before, so now, finally, I’ve managed to bring it into life - and it’s not over yet :) .

One of the recent exciting discoveries is to stumble upon Brenda Dunne. To give You a complete picture, however: some time ago I watched Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind document by Steven Greer and there I’ve learned about an intriguing experiment (described by Adam Curry from his experience in working at Princeton’s PEAR Lab) with the plant which seemed to influence a random number generator in order to gain more light. A month or so later (since I’ve published the article in which I mentioned the experiment) I discovered New Thinking Allowed YouTube channel and podcast by Jeffrey Mishlove (see this fantastic “alphabetical list of Jeffrey’s guests with links to their websites and their videos”. Eager research throughout its archive to pick what interests me


I’ve found with a surprise that there are whole interviews covering the very PEAR Lab, i.e., the same one where the experiment with the plant had been conducted :) ! What a surprise! :) And note the plural: there are indeed more than one interview on the matter, with Brenda Dunne who has been one of the main persons (Laboratory Manager) behind the PEAR Lab back in the days. Interestingly enough, she has been also an officer at Society for Scientific Exploration and is the president of International Consciousness Research Lab - the successor of PEAR. Here You are NTA’s interviews with Brenda:

  1. Consciousness-Related Anomalies at Princeton with Brenda Dunne.
  2. Inside the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab with Brenda Dunne.
  3. Your Quantum Mind with Brenda Dunne.

This unveiled a broad new exciting theme in my experience, starting with the plant experiment being elaborated on (more surprising details came up!). It turned out that Brenda has written a few very exciting books which a) describe the history of PEAR Lab and b) elaborate on the concept of reality emerging from consciousness (one of the main themes of mine currently). I’m enchanted! :D

Upgrade to Android 10.

Switching gears a little and touching on my IT-geek soul ;) - a few days ago I’ve received an update to Android 10, still alongside MIUI 11.


What I find especially fantastic in that respect is that MIUI has introduced Android 10 gestures even on older Android with MIUI 11 (!). This I find one of the most exciting things about Xiaomi: that to experience cutting-edge features You don’t have to use (or simply reach) the exact, newest Android version which officially presents that feature. This is not the first time when Xiaomi anticipated the original Android (remember dark mode? :) - there had been OS-wide dark mode in MIUI looooooong before the official release of that feature within Android). So now I am a happy user of Android 10 :) - it’s nice to have the newest official stable release of this OS. And, finally, dark-themed Google Assistant (shame on Google that it’s not available on the older Android versions!).

One curiosity which I’ve discovered while browsing screenshots documenting the state before & after the upgrade: peculiarly it clearly says that alongside the update from Android 9 to 10 MIUI has been upgraded from ver. 11.0.8 to 11.0.1. Isn’t that rather a downgrade? Someone has pointed out that once it’s a new Android, the MIUI version numbering is ‘reseted’.

“Your Desk is a Happier Place Now” :) .

A next nice surprise is our new mouse. The previous one has been malfunctioned for some time, in a curious way which seemed like one of its buttons was often blocked itself in a fast-pressing mode, so to speak (although it hadn’t been so clear because I’ve tried to disable various buttons for good and it hadn’t helped - but the outside impression sometimes looked like some button being constantly and rapidly pressed). Btw, I learned interesting things for the sake of solving this issue - like the X-Mouse Button Control, a fantastic and powerful free app to perform sky’s-the-limit magic with virtually any computer mouse. It is fantastic that, however good Your mouse software is, providing You with a small or larger handful of customizing features - this app solves all of this, providing You with... probably everything You could imagine :) . It is extremely powerful. You can even define a time delay before performing some action, or condition ascribed actions on apps over which You’re working with the cursor. Either way, in my case it didn’t help so I learned another way, Autohotkey this time. But this also didn’t help, therefore a new mouse seemed to be a necessity.

A good news here is that Sweetheart has found an interesting model which surprises me: ‘Castor’ by Mionix, on a impressively good offer (400% off!). What I like the most in this mouse is its beautiful warm pinkish color which may resemble a sweet cake icing for example :) .


In comparison with our previous mouse this one is definitely sensitive. Another nice surprise is its software (Mionix Hub), which brings in a couple of nice things, some of which might even make You smile, like measuring the taken distance or click counting :) (there are even various challenge levels to reach! :D).


What I especially like here, though, is that You can not only ascribe preferred actions to all the (six) buttons but You can create separate profiles with complete separate setups, which is perfect if You use the mouse alongside other person, like in our case. Moreover, the profiles (alongside whole configuration) seem to be stored within the mouse itself (!), without a need to constantly keep its app within Your computer’s memory. Such a feature I haven’t seen anywhere before - I find it amazing because thanks to this You can use one and the same mouse with two or more computers, with Your favorite configuration always in place, meaning: no need to set it up for each computer from scratch (!!!). This is awesome! :D

Back to the app itself, as a curiosity, it includes an experimental feature of “Lift Off Distance” (very interesting, I haven’t thought that such a thing could exist). And yet another nice surprise is that there has been a firmware update (from ver. 0.15 to 0.16) easy to perform as eating pie :) .


It’s very nice to use a device designed and developed by a company which seems to really care.

Oh, and on top of that it’s a Swedish company which I personally much like :) .

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