Saturday August 31, 2019

Three recent weeks were pretty intensive: day in day out (business days) we’ve been hiking, I myself usually at least (if not always) 8 hours per day. Various disturbances found its reflection within our bodies.

During late third week I dreamed about the possibility to take a real, tangible rest - i.e., which You could rely on (without breaking, being disrupted in any way - just constant piece of mind). My Beloved One shared my dream in Her Own way.

One of the last days of this marathon we both talked about it, expressed those dreams out loud, tired, exhausted... persistent. And then, soon after (i.e., day or two later) we have received this, the dream has come true (!!!). It was highly unexpected, unprecedented, call it as You wish - but what really drew my attention was the short time span between our desire being articulated and then “converted” into so-called “reality”.

I know for sure that this is not the first time when I definitely am able to notice our personal conversation with the Universe/our Higher Selves - I just didn’t write those occurrences down (shame on me - I’m gonna to do it from this moment forward - because it’s definitely worth it, worth remembering, worth keeping in mind, especially due to the message such things carry: that we are not alone, that everything is - as always - right on track, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be mislead by emotions).

I am tangibly grateful for that, whenever I experience this I consider it a symbol - which is really much more important than its “packaging” in a form of some circumstances hard to not be noticed/associated with our Essence. I am grateful and wanna thank You for the care, for not being alone.

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