Thursday September 10, 2015

In “The Secret Scrolls” newsletter Rhonda Byrne writes:

“So often when things change in our lives, we have such a resistance to the change.”

This is one of the most important practical lessons I learn: not to be easily led by first impressions, but to let it go and transform into something surprisingly good. Or rather: when You find Yourself in the middle of annoying, frustrating or any other “negative” circumstances - don’t focus on pegging it as such, cementing such a character of the current experience, but let it be an unconventionally delivered nice surprise, which realizing is simply a matter of time.

The reason I find this lesson important is that it has been presented to me many times throughout this lifetime. The scheme is always the same: in general it looks as if I find myself into a situation I consider a negative one, which ignites according emotions one way or another (partly due to my lack of patience and probably to that I am easily “emotion-driven”).

The newest example: I was setting up some computer program, which was hard and laborious work. After some time I’ve managed to end up with a satisfactory result, with some lacks with no chances for improvement. It took much work and effort, and then, at some point, everything broke, which seemed to be a total and irreversible. What a disaster it had been for me at the time ;) . “So much work... so much patience, wasted!”, I thought. It was easy to get nervous or embittered. Resigned, I uninstalled the app, then installed it again and got into the work, but this time from a different angle, researching the thing a bit more thoroughly, which lead me to the unexpected result: not only I successfully solved the issue, but had discovered new, simpler ways to solve it (!), as well as some new incredible features I hadn’t had the slightest idea they exist - and about which I couldn’t learn if everything would go well the first time. This effect made me think that if I could turn back time - I would calmly wait through “adversities” knowing that the result is definitely worth it. I wouldn’t lose a moment for nerves or frustration. Just to wait and reach for my surprise, no bumps and turbulences involved :) .

I don’t always have the knowledge, however, what’s “round the corner” - therefore I am used to react the negative way kind of by default whenever anything seems to look negatively. This way, however, I make much harder to receive good from the Universe: the joy and celebration would have been much greater if I couldn’t need to take a breath after a serious “bump” on my road. I wish You and myself to simply go past an unattractive track in life once You recognize such one - perfecting a vision of pleasure waiting just round the corner. Maybe not the closest one, maybe a few corners away - but coming closer and closer, as if an unconventionally delivered surprise.

Rhonda writes:

“When change comes, relax, have total faith, and know that the change is ALL GOOD.”

(instead of viewing it as an error, an obstacle, a failure or “the life which hits You” » my note)

As I mentioned, the unconventionally delivered surprise theme has been present many times in my life. Another examples: one time once I’ve just given a few-hour speech for my podcast, I realized that the recording is too damaged - therefore all the effort, work, focus have been lost. Neat thoughts, inspiration, seamless following the Inner Voice - all “wasted”. Since the recording’s topic was very important for me, I hadn’t wanted to resign. I therefore took another attempt quickly, to not lose the inspiration, as a result of which the speech turned out to be much better than the previous one. Again, if I would know how things will come, would I prefer the first recording to be fine (i.e., with no technical issues)? Absolutely not, due to too much of a difference between the two (the second attempt brought much more neat thoughts, and the whole train of thought went much more seamless - all those things made a much better speech; I would prefer such one much more than the first one, even if free of damage).

Yet another example: one time I run for a job in a very exclusive place - futuristic, “rich” decor, working on a couple of dozen-nth floor with a picturesque city landscape, dedicated elevators (like private ones, which also gave a luxury impression), etc. I remember that, while being there, I thought how good could it be to work in such a place :) . Nothing came out of that, however, which could only disheartened me if I did not find out that I would absolutely not want to have anything in common with people which would be my superiors at the time. The only thing I could do then was to thank the Universe.

Lessons of this type teach me that it doesn’t pay to jump into conclusions (if it does pay to peg anything any way at all) - much better is to take one consistent course toward which You always will be facing, with no “looking around” (i.e., at more or less passing impression that something is going wrong). It isn’t always easy but experience teaches me that it is worth it - this way many gifts You can receive in Love and Peace, instead of irritation and exhaustion.

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