Wednesday July 20, 2016

Interestingly a few days ago I got up around 6:30 ᴀ.ᴍ. (again...), having difficulties with falling asleep. Actually, I almost didn’t sleep at all... I get the impression that this “theme” is currently repeating itself from time to time, more often than not. This is quite a strange occurrence because I can be pretty tired and fall asleep almost automatically, while when I decide to finish listening (whatever I listen at the time) and go to sleep, I realize it doesn’t work. It’s a little confusing but I kind of got used to it... by realizing it’s definitely better to surrender to this - than to fight with it and try to force good night’s sleep. So in those cases I simply get up and try to do whatever - and if I feel too much tired or exhausted, I have a relatively short nap at the desk. It isn’t so comfortable but somehow I am able to manage it.

Recently I had this kind of experience. I got up around 6:30, did some work and... around 1 ᴘ.ᴍ. I felt pretty exhausted. But it was time to prepare dinner, which is always a kind of holiday for us. So... I couldn’t refuse and took this task.

After all, finally, I got to bed trying to rest, relax, gather some energy... My Sweetheart prepared delicious spice tea of which I was very pleased... :) Really delicious, I love spice tea, as well as spice coffee :) (see Dune novels by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson).

I had a dream in which I experienced a plentiful meal... full of dumplings... .

For some time now I watch various TV series... sometimes they astonish me by concepts they are based on - which resemble to me something of a metaphysical (or spiritual) nature.

For example, Once upon a time series... We encounter a concept in which we have a group of people settled in their lifetimes, but without true, core knowledge about themselves, their origin, etc. They posses fictional identities instead...

As a result they lead their life unaware, both where they came from and what true relationships exist between them (so they often act like they are strangers to each other, while in fact they aren’t).

For me this is a spitting image of reincarnation concept, in which You also don’t remember many things, including who You really are. This way operates for the sake of Your spiritual growth, in order to add to this particular Earth-experience more reliability by making it more real.

Recently I’ve discovered another series which I find even more surprising. I mean "Sense8 by The Wachowski Brothers... At some point it has been put that way: there is one person who has several incarnations living simultaneously, although in completely different parts of the word. They are different people, surrounded by different circumstances, leading their own lifetimes. But it has been said they all are a kind of a “cluster”, which in its true reality is one person split into many. Or maybe ‘one soul’ would be better wording.

This resembles a thing presented in Dolores Cannon’s books, where You can find a concept of a ‘Higher Self’ (or ‘Oversoul’) who exists on the higher, spiritual plane. It can gain experience by “splitting up” itself into many identities, who also are able to live in the same time on Earth. In that case we mean “parallel lives”, which have nothing to do with parallel dimensions, but with leading life within the same space-time, simultaneously. From the earthly perspective none of persons involved (in this group) know about themselves, their true origin, core identity. They in fact are strangers for each other, like toward almost anyone else in the world. But in fact they aren’t strangers...

When I encountered this concept in Sense8, I was almost stunned, it was an amazing surprise.

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