Saturday September 3, 2016

This morning I woke up unusually early - feeling more energy than I could expect (I could expect feeling exhausted). I decided to perform a ‘Hemi-Sync’ session because I haven’t done it for a long time. I was curious what would happen... and I miss the experience.


I wondered if I meet someone “within ‘the Beam’” - like the other time when I’ve met Evelyn and another being (whom I sensed like a wise, elderly man). But this time the communication came down only to the Inner Voice (which I could rather sense than hear) - no pictures.

As a result I received a message which I consider one of my “messages ‘from Within’” (what my Higher Self wants me to know). The message goes as follows:

It is important for You to know that:

  1. The ‘outside reality’ is nothing more than an extension of Your Own Being - more literally than metaphorically (like another limb or part of Your body - but of course we mean a more spiritual aspect of You).
  2. The only thing You need to do is to be tuned into Your True-Self (as You know, You do it through passions).
  3. “Inside” Your so-called outside reality there is already everything You need - and You feel lack of - every “missing puzzle”. The point is those puzzles aren’t really missing - they are just hidden (like cards placed face down).
  4. The more You are tuned into - and focused on - Your Passions - the more cards will be shown “by itself”, as a natural consequence.


  1. I needed to quite concentrate in order to render that message - but I did care of preserving it and I’m glad I’ve managed to do that.
  2. Besides, I get the feeling that I’ve already received this kind of a message before... although I don’t remember it consciously.
  3. Probably being inspired by Conversations with God by Neale Walsch I begin to wonder if it would be possible to perform a similar talk in my case... (with my Higher Self)?

P.S.: I illustrate this post with the picture presenting how I perceive “the Beam” - and me existing and dissolving within it.

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