Tuesday November 3, 2015

The other day my Father shared with me His insight on the unique perception You can experience while the OoBE state. It was quite interesting. Here is my description based on His impressions:

Imagine You are looking at some object using Your physical eyes. If You already had some OoBE experience, the picture provided by Your physical sense of sight may be “flat” for You, kind of simplified. Because when You experience the OoBE, You also perceive things in a different way: of course without physical senses (including sight). Not being confined by physical optics You may consider pictures perceived in that state as significantly deepened and containing much more information, like “multidimensional” pictures (or so-called RAW photography). It is hard to explain but it can be described as a seeing an object at all angles and sides simultaneously.

This reminded me the book (a science-fiction novel) I’ve recently read: Blindsight (by Peter Watts). This book contains a concept of a vampire who has a unique sense of sight. It is described as follows:

“‘- (...) they can hold both aspects of a Necker cube in their heads at the same time (...)’
Now I remembered: classic ambiguous illusion. Sometimes the shaded panel seemed to be in front, sometimes behind. The perspective flipped back and forth as you watched.
‘- You or I, we can only see it one way or the other,’ Pag was saying. ‘- Vamps see it both ways at once. Do you have any idea what kind of an edge that gives’em? (...) They can hold simultaneous multiple worldviews (...).’”

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