Wednesday November 4, 2015

One of the most interesting things in the spirit perception is its equivalent of the sense of sight. People who experienced OoBE (Out of Body Experience) or NDE (Near-Death Experience) often report a very intriguing thing: that the reality they experienced was even more real than the physical one. For example, they often describe colors as more intense, purer, significantly vibrant, having breathtaking intensity - and also more real. Besides they claim they experienced colors which they couldn’t compare to anything they knew before.

But what could be especially intriguing is that the reality in the OoBE/NDE state can be perceived as more real than the physical one. We are used to have that distinction between the physical and non-physical realities - in which we considered anything non-physical as less real, or not real at all. For example: although we sometimes experience a very vivid dreams, probably more often our dreams are more “blurred”, without so many details like in the physical reality when we are awake. So it is understandable that we could think that anything which is not physical will be less real in our eyes. And then a surprise arises: we see something of the opposite (!): even more real reality.

For a long time it has been a fascinating idea for me - but recently I stumbled upon the quote which pretty well explains it:

“- But it was so vivid! Not that flickering corner-of-your-eye stuff we saw everywhere. This was solid. It was realer than real.
- That’s how you can tell it wasn’t. Since you don’t actually see it, there’s no messy eyeball optics to limit resolution.” (The Blindsight, Peter Watts)

Although the quote refers to a hallucination case - it is quite well-turned phrase: “there’s no messy eyeball optics to limit resolution”. It sounds so obvious it has surprised me at first.

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