Monday August 26, 2019

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, recently I discovered a fantastic tool - Watch 4 Idle - to perform actions both (separately) for computer idle time and its end. I harnessed it to terminate my global backup app - and to re-launch it when I’m back at the desk. The only issue I’ve experienced was that there were times when the app did not detect the idle time - therefore it hadn’t performed any related action.

I did several tests trying to determine when exactly the app fails to work (e.g., if this could have something to do with switching my PC to sleep from time to time) - but I found no pattern involved. Fortunately, I managed to figure out the way which solve the problem: set the value of If my system is idle for field to 300 (= 5 minutes). In such a case it does work - interestingly enough, if I increase this value to 600, there are again times in which it fails to do so.

Over the time it seems that I found the Watch 4 Idle's sweet spot: I have managed to increase the time span to 420 seconds (= 7 minutes) and still had the app working successfully.

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