Sunday February 28, 2016

I find great relief in awareness of my own passions - because of their independence regarding outside influences (especially discouraging, critical... that kind of things). I’ve become aware that if something is my passion, true passion of heart - there are no forces in Universe to dissuade me from being engaged in it. Moreover, when I’m thinking about things which drive me most, things I always felt natural imperative to do - every negativity loses its power, doesn’t matter any more. I can’t discuss with it - like, for example, I can’t discuss with breathing (I have to breathe - so this is not a question of choice).

The only thing I can do with my passions is to be engaged. They are definitely too important, too strong to have any room for doubts.

So I find great relief in that discovery because it goes along with Inner Peace. There are only me and my passions, that’s all. And I know what to do. I don’t need any more knowledge or instructions, all specific steps have been always unfolded. It’s amazing how fast every negativity extinguished in that light.

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