Wednesday June 17, 2020

Did You know about bookmarks bar?

By default You can access Your web browser bookmarks by pulling out its list from the browser’s menu. Bookmarks bar makes the thing much more convenient: it makes bookmarks always visible (usually just below the address bar). To enable it go to Your web browser settings and check “Show bookmarks” (or “Show bookmarks bar”).

Now, such a thing gives a great opportunity to organize Your bookmarks into folders - which may significantly increase how quick and easy You’ll find the website You need at the moment.

There is one catch, however: as in the previous example in which folders may help You with a great many of bookmarks You’ve collected - they themselves also may increase in number, to a point where all of them do not fit the available screen space anymore.

In such a case the first step to fix the situation is to re-evaluate the organization You’ve applied - to find out is there a room for improvement. If this turns out to be not enough - there is yet one hack You might find helpful: improve the folders’ naming.

What occupies the most space on the bookmark bar is not really the folders themselves - but their names. Similarly with single bookmarks which You also might want to place on the bookmark tab. The latter case may be the easiest one to improve: just try to completely remove a single bookmark’s name. As a result the only thing which remains is its icon - which You might find sufficient to quickly figure out what is what (due to those icons often are recognizable enough, especially when it comes to the most common brands/websites like Facebook, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.).


A little more difficult is in case of bookmark folders - because they are always presented with one and the same looking icon. Fortunately they also can be improved - by applying single special characters instead of conventional titles. You may find interesting that among ordinary alphabet letters and punctuation signs there are also many other, although much less known, available characters. Among those are many which You could consider “icon-like”, because they are indeed tiny symbols rather than another digits or letters. Therefore You can use those symbols as icons placed just next to each folder icon and letting You quickly distinguish what is what, without a need to apply traditional titles. Then, as a result You end up with much less space of the bookmark bar taken :) .


To get such “icons”:

  1. Go to this site.
  2. Use its search field to find a symbol to represent Your bookmark folder content. For example, one folder I dedicated for various services log-in pages, admin panels, etc. and I though that a key could be a good symbol for that.
  3. Soon You should see if are there any symbols found. If there are, click on one which You find a good candidate for Your folder’s name, then - in a pop-up window - click on its bigger picture. You should see “copied” confirmation.
  4. Then right-click the proper bookmark folder in Your web browser and choose “Rename...”, then paste the icon by CTRL+V and confirm by “Save”. Now You should see the symbol next to the folder regular icon.
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