Wednesday May 25, 2016

Yesterday my Sweetheart was shopping whereas I remained in bed, exhausted. Decided not to listen anything this time, but trying to meditate, at least a little bit. I tried to tell (more precisely I should say: to convey) Evelyn how I feel. How difficult, how... hard (as often, in case of eating » starving). I tried to imagine me eating some tasty meals, but... it was too hard. Soon I limited visualization just to the scene in which I sat nearby the ocean... as I like there...

Sweetheart came back with surprising gifts and we could celebrate our wedding anniversary a little bit more than we could predict. I was grateful... to Evelyn... to both of them... to the Universe.

And one more interesting thing was my newest dream in which I also dreamed about wedding... isn’t that interesting...? I met some priest and his helper (like an acolit? - he was my namesake), although I felt them also like... monks of some kind. And just like in this reality - in my dream we were late on our own wedding ;) .

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