Sunday March 8, 2020

First of all, finally I began to work on the second edition of my e-book on meditation (previously known as Meditation Guide). It was long since the idea of reaching other meditators crossed my mind (those gathered around the Meditation Assistant app in particular), to gain Their Own experience and perspective on the matter. Regardless of that, however, I had been so deeply involved within many other things so that I’ve never got the ball rolling with the book. Fortunately, in the recent times I discovered LibreOffice, which excited me much, due to 1) my passion for exploring new - especially Free/Libre - software, and 2) I almost instantaneously realized that it could be the great opportunity both to finally become able to design a well-done .epub (mobile) form of the book and re-design & revise it, given that some years have passed since the last time I’ve done that.

As a result the latest several days I spent working on the book within LibreOffice Writer (a word processing app, like Microsoft Word or Apple Write - with that difference that it’s free and carries ethics values of the Free Software Thought as such, which please me greatly and make my everyday use of it a pretty pleasant and satisfactory experience).

My book within LibreOffice Writer.

The other day I reached the point at which the book does not need any further touches (at least to my awareness at the moment) and is ready for a new content to come. In the meantime new ideas of extending this new input emerged, so stay tuned :) .

The other thread I am excitingly engaged with currently, are the books on reality shift concept, by Cynthia Sue Larson. Amazingly, Cynthia brought in those quantum-based ideas years before both Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? Decades of experience, a great volume of Her blog archive, the books I’ve mentioned, the Living the Quantum Dream podcast (conducted by Cynthia), and so, so much more - I am deeply excited both by the opportunity to explore the books and by exploring the whole matter even further by talking with Cynthia Herself. Let me maintain this an upcoming surprise, however :) .

Besides all of that I am happily and with a great curiosity exploring Mary Rodwell, Jannecke from Wisdom From North, a couple interviews with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and Whitley Strieber’s show. Mary is especially interesting not only due to the matter She covers, but also to the high, high degree of synchronicity with the knowledge shared by Dolores Cannon earlier on. In this context I find Mary a Dolores’s successor.

I first learned about Mary via Howard Hughes’s The Unexplained podcast, the same one out of which I first learned about Cynthia, too. Meanwhile, one of YouTube interviews with Mary has been conducted by Jannecke, who tangibly drew my attention, therefore I’ve soon discovered Her Wisdom From North channel, with yet another exciting interviews (i.a., with Dolores’s daughter, Julia). So much to explore!

When it comes to Giorgio, since the Ancient Aliens series has been ended (at least so far), I’ve missed Him - so I decided to grab a couple of the longest interviews to refresh on His enthusiastic approach and broad knowledge. Whitley Strieber, on the other hand, I’ve stumbled upon interviews with Him both via Cynthia’s and Howard’s podcasts. What He has said in those interviews inspired me to take a closer look on His website. Although I don’t like the marketing approach present there (even a couple of free episodes are limited!), I am still curious what He and His guests have to say.

There are many more exciting things currently present around me, thanks to which I definitely have a wide choice, without being spoiled for it in the same time ;) . My English idiom collection to widen vocabulary has reached over 1300 items. My favorite Android app Handy News Reader (‘Your Dream Magazine’ made out of Your favorite, always-up-to-date content) reached an insanely great level of excitement, given how feature-rich and flexible this is of an app. Similar with ideas ‘in store’, like another book of mine, which I’m thinking about, or... sky’s the limit :)

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