Sunday July 28, 2019

jDownloader is a great tool which I use for years now. Long story short, it’s a tool which comes in handy whenever You need to download something: especially large files, but not necessarily - it can be great in case You’d like to save some YouTube videos directly on Your computer, where You have the certainty that they’ll survive.

As a curiosity, in the early years of my Internet experience I’ve been using Download Accelerator Plus (under Windows 98 SE) - a similar tool, with one of its greatest features: the ability to resume download process after it has been paused or stopped (it was especially handful in the times of 56k modem connection, when each and every minute of being on-line had been highly valuable due to its price).

Back to jDownloader, the other day my Father reported that it can’t be launched. Instead of being predictably initiated, it gave the following message:

jDownloader fails to launch.

After a quick research I found the solution - one user explains it this way:

“This can happen when something prevents update to finish in very critical part when installing/writing the new JDownloader.jar file.”

Here is what may help (and it has helped, indeed, in our case):

  1. Open C:\Users\Your Windows user name\AppData\Local\JDownloader 2.0.

As a curiosity, a simple method to quickly open AppData folder is to use Win key+R keyboard shortcut, paste or enter %appdata%, confirm by the enter key. In jDownloader case, however, You need to go up from Roaming to AppData, and then enter the Local folder.

  1. Rename JDownloader.jar.backup.1 back to JDownloader.jar.
  2. Delete both the update and tmp folders, and the file Core.jar.
  3. Launch jDownloader again, it should update itself from scratch, remembering all Your current download list.
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